Meet the Change...

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

Welcome to the world of Change. My name is Sandy and I am a fun, rambunctious, sometimes shy, mother of 1 and wife.

Have you ever felt like a large amount of money would change your life for the better? Even when you know deep down you need more than just money in your life. You really need a new mindset, a new spouse or a new continent to call home, but the thought of coming into a huge amount of money makes you feel all tingly inside.

I have been there. I really felt like finding that pot of gold would make my life 100% better even when others kept telling me to look for that pot of God or that pot of sexual fantasies or just, pot (a.k.a. marijuana, a.k.a. “an escape”). I got married really young and had a child, in my opinion, way too young, and I wasn’t satisfied. We struggled from the beginning and just weren’t ready spiritually, mentally or financially to be that strong married union we all wish for.

Early on, I was ready to give up many times, by divorce or disappearing from all mankind, but even when I entertained the darkness, I knew it was not my destiny. Still, I played with and was seduced by the darkness. That darkness came in many forms, to include financial irresponsibility.

I was very irresponsible, but I felt like it was mandatory for me to fill the void I felt within my relationships and inside of me. This included buying things I really couldn’t afford, using credit cards I had no business having and accumulating a crap load of debt. I became a lover of bras, panties and purses. The bras & panties touched me in ways I was lacking from my partner and the purses represented the possibility of having lots of money one day.

But, how did I overcome this darkness? It was a process and took time, but one thing I did was contact a Financial Counselor/Coach to help me determine the root causes of my financial irresponsibility and help me develop an action plan to change my bad habits. 

Stay tuned for more in Episode 2: 'Me, Myself and I’ to be posted on February 4, 2018. 

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