Love’s Death

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

Love is so beautiful. Love is so kind. Love is so pure. Our love was like a Phoenix, the most beautiful miracle, but life’s change, selfishness, thoughts, and BS (BulliSh, Baby Struggles, Bold Situations) caused it to go up in flames almost immediately after we got married. The old love died, but would be born again; regenerated. 

Thank God for the growth we both endured after a long, needed separation. Coming back together as mature adults we were granted a new start. A do over. Now we looked at our marriage, the baby, our finances more responsibly. We prepared for future storms; we saved up for and enjoyed vacations more fully; we were finally in life, in love together.

Love’s death was hard. Love’s death was necessary. Love’s death was our destiny.

Stay tuned for more in Episode 7: “Me, Myself and Your BS” to be posted on July 4, 2018.

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