Me, Myself, & Your BS

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

Mrs. Sandy Change, Active Crusader

And the BS continues. This time I am using the common terminology Bull$hit instead of Baby Struggles. Having a spouse, partner, lover in your life to share life with is an amazing thing. But sometimes their BS can really get you off course. If you allow it, their lies, bad habits, infidelity can really cause extreme emotional damage.

Instead of trying to fix what was really going on within me, within myself, I depended on them to empower me, to make me happy. Their BS really had me all messed up. So messed up, I started spending money on things to make up for what our relationship lacked or the attention I needed.

Thank God for the power of forgiveness and lots of counseling (mental and financial) to get us through the BS. We now have a stronger partnership and are committed to our love and the hope of a wonderful future.

Stay tuned for more in Episode 8: “WTF: WWJD - Where’s the Faith: What Would Jesus Do” to be posted on August 4, 2018.

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Dark Taste-imony: Eggos & Ramen

After marriage and the baby carriage came Eggos and Ramen. As a child, I was fascinated with Eggo waffles and I’m sad to say that they became a staple in my diet after the BS (Baby Struggle).

Add ramen for lunch and/or dinner and you have a setup for a true Taste-imony. Anyone who has survived on something similar as eggos and ramen and now is eating French toast and steak can relate. 

Life’s BS

Honestly, I never wanted children. Seeing a little one, all snotty nosed, calling for their mommy used to irritate me. But, after we had our child I was so obsessed. So obsessed, I forgot about me, my personal aspirations, my husband, life itself. It was just me and the BS (Baby Struggles).

Of course, our baby was so fresh and so clean all the time. New outfits, best toys, and of course, my milk machines (i.e., breasts) had the best gadgets to allow them to provide the baby excellent sustenance.