Dark Taste-imony: Eggos & Ramen

After marriage and the baby carriage came Eggos and Ramen. As a child, I was fascinated with Eggo waffles and I’m sad to say that they became a staple in my diet after the BS (Baby Struggle).

Add ramen for lunch and/or dinner and you have a setup for a true Taste-imony. Anyone who has survived on something similar as eggos and ramen and now is eating French toast and steak can relate. 

Life’s BS

Honestly, I never wanted children. Seeing a little one, all snotty nosed, calling for their mommy used to irritate me. But, after we had our child I was so obsessed. So obsessed, I forgot about me, my personal aspirations, my husband, life itself. It was just me and the BS (Baby Struggles).

Of course, our baby was so fresh and so clean all the time. New outfits, best toys, and of course, my milk machines (i.e., breasts) had the best gadgets to allow them to provide the baby excellent sustenance.