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Life's BS

Honestly, I never wanted children. Seeing a little one, all snotty nosed, calling for their mommy used to irritate me. But, after we had our child I was so obsessed. So obsessed, I forgot about me, my personal aspirations, my husband, life itself. It was just me and the BS (Baby Struggles).

Of course, our baby was so fresh and so clean all the time. New outfits, best toys, and of course, my milk machines (i.e., breasts) had the best gadgets to allow them to provide the baby excellent sustenance.

Babies Can Strain Your Finances

new baby shoes and gifts

A real BS can cost real money. Between formula, diapers, new onesies each week, blankets, shoes, and the list goes on, we were drowning in debt. Side Note: Babies really don’t need 50 onesies, but you couldn’t tell me anything back then.

I now understand that I should have prepared more financially as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Plus, I could have been more responsible after the little one came in the world.  A financial counselor once told me that you are never really ready for a child, but you can definitely plan for one by saving more and cutting back on unnecessary expenses (sacrifice).


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