Empowering and equipping women, men and children with the tools (resources, knowledge, skills, etc.) needed to become financially free through financial classes, counseling, or coaching. 

Pray, Work, Play

Services are provided in the areas people:

  • PRAY - Religious Institutions can sponsor personal finance fellowship, providing members with the tools they need to succeed.

  • WORK - Small businesses can increase well-being, morale and productivity by sponsoring personal finance assistance for their employees.

  • PLAY - Community centers can become a sponsor and bring personal finance education and assistance to places of fun.

Sample Services

  • Interactive and fun seminars such as "Finding Happiness within Your Personal Finances".

    • This specific seminar discusses financial topics such as determining and accomplishing financial goals, developing a spend plan, credit/debt, and much more.

  • Personal Finances through Scrapbooking.

  • Financial Counseling & Coaching.

  • Consistent follow-up with clients.

  • Information and referral.

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