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Dark and Lovely

Are you living in the dark by not planning for tomorrow but living a lovely life in the moment?

Lovely african american woman looking off thoughtfully

I am all for living in the present and enjoying each moment. I also advocate for not worrying about tomorrow for it isn’t promised. But what happens if you DO live longer than today and you haven’t set money aside for the unexpected?

You Can Live Mindfully AND Plan for the Future

I have lived this “Dark and Lovely” lifestyle. My present moments were so lovely, so fun, so chill. I spent money to satisfy that moment’s interest and wants. I used my student loan refunds on clothes for the club or to get my hair done. I was totally in the dark when it came to my future finances. Saving for emergencies, retirement or just future goals were foreign to me.

Thank God I was eventually shown the light and faced reality head on. Since it was likely, and a BLESSING, that I would live longer than that current moment, it made perfect sense to save for my future. It made sense to save for that new car, for that security deposit for the new apartment, or for that much needed summer vacation.

I now live a Light and Lovely lifestyle; living in the present, enjoying each moment and preparing for the future.


Want to learn how to live a “Light and Lovely” life? Click the button below to schedule an appointment with a C4C certified financial counselor/coach.


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