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I Thought I Knew Him

Being married can be such a wonderful thing, so I’m not going to excite you with all the details. Unfortunately, I married a man-boy. Yes, I said it, a man-boy. He would turn out to be an amazing man one day, but he started off being a very immature, irresponsible, get on my last nerves boy who didn’t know any better.

The struggle was real and it caused a lot of drama early on. He wasn’t at fault for all of the financial woes we faced, but it sure would have helped to have a MAN that could have started us out on the right path. Yep, I am blaming him for everything. 😜

young black couple sitting on a bench

A partner is supposed to help you grow and be successful but when they have a lot of maturing to do themselves that can really affect the marriage tremendously.

We argued over why he bought video games when we needed food. We argued over if should we purchase a tv or a new mattress. He wouldn’t budge when I wanted to go on a cruise but we needed furniture. Wait a minute, I was the irresponsible one then. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Add a baby to the situation and the discussions/arguments/fights go to a whole different level.

Talking to a counselor/coach about our financial issues would have helped us understand our differences and roles in the situation. Years later we would meet with a counselor who would be very helpful, I just wish we had gone earlier in the marriage.


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