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Me, Myself and I

I have struggled with really knowing who I am. When I am alone with me, myself and I, I wonder if I am just a wife and mother, daughter and sister, friend or foe.

Black woman looking stressed in front of her computer because of finances.

It can become costly searching for who you really are. When I was younger, I thought I was a club hopping, free spirit - Cost $2000 in retail credit card debt.

After I got married I thought I was a sexy, Victoria’s Secret Model - Cost $1500 of lingerie debt. After I had our child, I thought I was a rich, Real Housewife of Baltimore (not a real show yet) - Cost $5000 of baby furniture and supplies debt. 

I wasn’t any of these. I was a normal wife and mother that struggled week to week to pay my bills. I was a friend of debt instead of a BFF of financial security. 

My financial counselor/coach was instrumental in helping me pay down my credit cards, one at a time. I had to sacrifice many things to pay off these credit cards, but in the end it was worth it. I realized I rather pay off a credit card than have the latest outfit. I rather get out of debt and save for our child’s future than have the latest baby products. Can you relate?


If you are having challenges managing your finances, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a C4C certified financial counselor/coach.


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