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Run Debt, Run

I really wish all of my debt would run away and disappear forever. As Americans, we are really plagued by debt and all of its atrocities. According to many surveys and news outlets, Americans are trillions of dollars in debt, especially when it comes to student loans and I am one of those Americans.

man running on a sunny day

I am guilty of using my student loan refunds to maintain an unrealistic lifestyle. I am definitely guilty of using my credit cards to purchase items I really can't afford. And yes, I am guilty of getting high-interest loans and cash advances to help family members.

Thank God there is HOPE and HELP for ALL of us. I have a friend that was able to pay off her $65,000 of student loan debt in less than 5 years and not have any running balances on her credit card. It took a lot of sacrifice, discipline and self-control but if she could do it so can I and so can you. See below for more on getting HELP.


Want to learn how to pay off debt and improve your credit? Click the button below to schedule an appointment with a C4C certified financial counselor/coach.


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