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Video - Episode 1: Meet The Change

Check out the first of many Crusaders for Change, LLC (C4C) Sandy Change animated videos on money and relationships.

Many people believe a large sum of money would change their lives for the better. Money is often used as a bandaid when there are deeper issues at play. What a person may actually need is a perspective shift, a new life partner, or even a new location or job. But money seems to open so many doors.

Unfortunately, people advise us to seek happiness in a variety of things including religion, sex, drugs, and more. Sometimes people make life decisions that they aren’t ready for. As a result, they don’t achieve important life goals on the timeline they originally planned for.

People attempt to fill the emotional vacuums in their lives in a variety of ways, including buying things they don’t really need and can’t afford. This results in an accumulation of debt that adds additional stress to their lives. They buy items to fill their emotional gaps.

Watch this video to learn more about Sandy’s experience with debt and the emotions that can fuel self-medication via shopping. The process takes time, but connecting with a financial coach or counselor can help you get to the root cause of your financial troubles. It’s time to create an action plan to create good spending habits that get you closer to your goals.


If you are facing the same darkness within your finances, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a

C4C certified financial counselor/coach.


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