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Video - Episode 3: I Thought I Knew Him

Watch Sandy Change's 3rd animated video on marriage and money.

Being married can feel amazing. The whirlwind of new love and the amazement that you get to spend your life with this partner who is everything you could’ve wanted will continue to surprise you in the early days.

But, then the newness wears off, and the faults of your spouse become spotlighted in the strain of the problems you didn’t see coming. Like your differing views on how to spend your joint funds.

Should you buy video games or food? Is it time to buy a television or a mattress? Should you go on a cruise or invest in furniture for your new home?

Then when you add children into the mix, disagreements can escalate to a whole new level. You no longer just have too little money for too much month for the two of you. You feel the compulsion to give your children everything you never had, and you and your spouse may not agree on how to do that.

Talking to a personal finance coach/counselor about your financial issues can help you understand your roles and differences and to help you create an abundant way forward.


Do you and your partner need help with meeting financial goals or just learning how to stop arguing over financial differences?

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