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Video - Episode 4: Life’s BS (Baby Struggles)

Watch Sandy Change talk about the struggles of

having children and managing expenses.

Let’s be real, many children come into our lives unexpectedly. For the first several months of their lives, they just poop, pee, eat, and cry. You have to do everything for them.

But, then you have one of your own, and you can’t imagine your life any other way. It's so easy to immerse yourself completely into your new child and neglect your personal aspirations, your health, your spouse, and everything not directly related to your BS (baby struggles).

Babies can be a serious financial strain, hence the reason we have baby showers. But, while you may not need to buy newborn clothes, what about when your baby is 6 months old? Do you need to pay for childcare? Did you budget for the diapers, wipes, and formula/breastfeeding supplies?

Hint: your baby isn’t demanding those Nike baby shoes.

Baby struggles cost real money. You can begin preparing financially for your children as soon as you know you want to have them (or as soon as you find out that you ARE having them!). You’ll never be ready for a child, but a personal finance counselor/coach can help you prepare your finances.


Do you need help saving, cutting back on expenses, or planning for the future? Click the button below to schedule an appointment with a

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