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Video - Episode 5: Dark Taste-imony (Eggos & Ramen)

Watch how Sandy Change connects

Eggos & Ramen with personal finances.


When money is tight, we make sacrifices. One of the sacrifices many people make is their grocery list. This can set you up for a true Taste-imony. If you’ve scraped by on foods like Eggos and Ramen when you really wanted steak and grilled veggies, you can likely relate. It’s hard to go back to these less nutritious foods when you’ve had a taste of the good life.

Eating these unhealthy foods is usually a symptom of not having enough money and not having enough knowledge to eat healthier on a budget. You can learn how to use coupons to save money and get access to healthier options. In the long run, you make more money because you take fewer sick days and spend less time at the doctor’s office because your body is healthier.


Spending too much on food? We can help you.

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