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Peace Runs Deep

Legacy. What do you plan to leave to your children/family when you leave this earth? Of course, we may leave behind traditions, stories and definitely genes, if you have children, but what do you plan to leave behind in terms of assets (things you own), money and investments?

Stacked stones on the beach representing the financial legacy that grows over time

I have learned that peace is something that comes from within and it is something I want to achieve even when the outside world is loud and obnoxious. But, what about the deep peace you can have from knowing when you leave earth your family will be taken care of? What about peace that runs so deep future generations benefit and achieve more than you can ever imagine?

I am in the process of achieving such peace by investing in a 401(k), contributing to other long-term investments and having adequate life insurance. We need to prepare for the future, as mentioned in last month's blog, but we should also prepare for our legacy.

Once I had my spending plan under control, the appropriate amount in an emergency savings, and a suitable retirement plan, I was ready to build a legacy my daughter would be proud of. What type of legacy do you plan to leave behind?


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