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Video - Episode 2: Me, Myself and I

Watch Sandy Change's 2nd animated video on money and relationships.

We have all struggled to know who we really are. When you’re alone in the silence, you may wonder exactly who you are. Are you just the roles you play for other people? Or, is there something more to you? Obtaining material items as part of your self-discovery can have consequences that reach far into the future.

We can make mistakes as young adults that impact us as we get older. Reveling in the freedom of newly acquired adulthood can lead to thoughtless spending as we use “free money” to play the different roles we aspire to. Eventually, the financial strain of credit card debt and loans leeches away even the shallow happiness that came from acquiring the things we didn’t need.

All we’re left with are rapidly depreciating items, high-interest rates, and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to stay this way though. Our financial coaches and counselors can help you create a plan to pay down your credit cards. Sacrifice in the short term can lead to long-term happiness and satisfaction with your life.


If you are having challenges managing your finances, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a C4C certified financial counselor/coach.


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